From the building blocks of our bodies to genetics, from energy and the environment to biodiversity, the topics explored in this course are wide-ranging and relevant. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles.

Entry Requirements

6-6 in GCSE combined science, AND 6 in GCSE maths, OR 6 in GCSE biology, AND 6 in GCSE maths


Work will be assessed through examinations

The course aims to develop an understanding of the links between theory and experiment by providing an opportunity for the design and implementation of practical work. Knowledge and understanding of biological ideas will be developed together with an appreciation of their significance in new and more familiar contexts. The importance of biology as a human endeavour that impacts socially, philosophically and economically will be considered.

A good understanding of chemistry would be beneficial to students. Biology not only complements the sciences but other subjects such as religious studies, geography and psychology.


beyond sixth form

Biology is particularly useful when studying any biological science at a higher level, or for a career in the health industry, agriculture, the environment and biotechnology industries.