Students in the sixth form studying mathematics develop their problem solving and analytical skills as well as increasing their ability to think logically. Students work individually and in groups, covering a range of mathematical areas including pure mathematics and application modules which can be chosen from mechanics, statistics or decision mathematics.

Entry Requirements

6 in GCSE mathematics


Work will be assessed through terminal examinations at the end of year 13


Students with A level mathematics are valued highly by employers and recent research has shown that they command a significantly higher salary than their peers. Students have recently gone on to study mathematics, engineering, mathematics and finance, veterinary science, medicine, sports science and theology. Others have taken up employment in accountancy, financial advice and radiography.

 Students will develop their ability to construct a reasoned argument and use mathematics as an effective means of communication. They will understand the relationships between real world problems and mathematical models, and use a range of skills and techniques to solve them. They are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and mathematical development.

We aim to demonstrate to students the importance of mathematics and the way in which it bridges the gap between sciences and the arts.

Two St Anne's Alumni come in to talk to current Secondary School and 6th Form students about where their Maths paths have taken them. To find out more visit