Student Life

The advantage of a small sixth form is that it encourages a close community. It is easy to meet people and the resulting friendships can last a lifetime. The sixth form have a common room to call their own, as well as designated study areas, and there are regular social events ranging from a teambuilding day at an activity centre to a Christmas celebration. The Student President is responsible for organising many of these activities as well as the leavers’ prom in the summer term.

St Anne’s Catholic School has a house system and sixth form students have the opportunity to be House Captains who help run and co-ordinate events and charity fund raising for each of the houses. In addition students are elected as Head Girls and a Social President each year. These prestigious positions have existed for many years and are recorded on the wooden panels in the main Hall dating back to the 1940s. All the sixth form student leaders work closely with the senior leadership team and the students throughout the school to maintain and develop all things important to the school ethos.

 There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities open to sixth form students at the college. As older students within the school, sixth formers often take leading roles within whole school activities, such as choreographing dance for drama productions, coaching sports teams and leading musical ensembles and choirs.