English Literature

 Do you have an interest in reading a wide variety of literature from the past and the present? Do you like to express your opinions and justify your comments on texts? Do you want to study a subject relevant to your life and experience?

Entry Requirements

6 in GCSE English literature, AND 6 in GCSE English language


English literature is assessed through two written exams and coursework: one exam of 3 hours and one of 2 hours. One piece of coursework is submitted


A qualification in English literature can help you to develop your career path. You can study it as a single subject at degree level, or you can use it as the basis for any arts based subject in combination with history, media, philosophy, law, politics or languages.

 Studying English literature will help you to develop your interest and enjoyment of literature by reading widely, including texts from other cultures and other ages. During the course you will gain an understanding of cultural, historical and other influences on texts. You will need an ability to analyse what you have read and be able to communicate your ideas effectively in writing.

By studying English Literature you will be developing transferable skills through taking part in discussions about texts; making presentations on aspects of texts; using ICT for research and presentations; and working with others to plan and present.