D&T: Product Design

Product Design is an ideal A level for students interested in Graphics, Textiles or Resistant Materials, as it allows creativity and flexibility in designing through all material areas.

Entry Requirements

6 in GCSE design & technology

If a technology subject has not been taken at GCSE then a student may still be considered depending on their academic achievements elsewhere after an interview with the head of creative design


Work will be assessed via coursework and examinations. Coursework continues throughout the course


Product design can lead to careers in all areas of design, including product, graphic, fashion, interior, stage, theatre as well as advertising, illustration, architecture, all types of engineering, and town planning. Product design is not primarily a vocational subject, but encourages an awareness and understanding of economic, political, social, aesthetic, cultural, health and environmental factors. In addition it can support careers in the allied subjects of science and art.

 The skills enhanced in this process include planning, analysing data and concepts, application of scientific principles and evaluating. Additionally, ICT forms a major part of coursework – focusing on CAD. These skills are likely to be of great benefit to further studies in personal and work life.

  • Builds on GCSE in all D&T subjects
  • Extends D&T knowledge and skills in a range of materials
  • Looks at design history
  • Can be taken by students wishing to follow a career in design or technological areas, as well as by students who have enjoyed their previous experiences in this area
  • Allows focus on specific material areas e.g. textiles, graphics, resistant materials or any combination of the above.

Students broaden their vision of design through trips to The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales as well as the Design Museum in London and IKEA. Students regularly compete in competitions including Young Engineers for Britain and Young Audi Designer of the Year. There is also an opportunity to join the Engineering Education Scheme, which is a team project working with major international companies.