Computer Science

 Computation is at the heart of the quest to unravel the secrets of life and in the era of tablets and smart devices, is coding or programming a computer, something which we can leave to a few specialists?

Entry Requirements

6 in GCSE computer science If GCSE computer science has not been taken, the student must have a 6 in mathematics


Students will have their grade through a range of assessments. They will sit a written paper, an online assessment and complete a controlled assessment


The course provides an excellent foundation for any computer science-related course. Many students have moved on to a degree course for example, artificial intelligence, games design and software engineering. Computing personnel are required in many industries, such as botany and biology, space and aeronautics, national defence, sports equipment, computer games design, transport and travel, modern media, social-networking and medicine and medical research.

Computer science is a broad-based course where you will gain a sound understanding of the internal structure of computers and how they operate. A large part of the course relates to problem-solving in which you will study programming to develop your logic skills. This will enable you to learn how to produce algorithmic solutions to these problems.

You will study in detail:

  • Introduction to programming using a high level programming language
  • Problem-solving
  • Number systems – including binary, hexadecimal and decimal systems
  • Networking communications and protocols
  • Hardware components of a computer system
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Moral, ethical, legal and cultural issues of computing

Practical Project

This provides opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the systems development life-cycle. You will produce a relatively complex program to a real user problem and provide documentation for the analysis, design, construction, testing and evaluation of the system.

What sort of work will I be doing?

  • Problem-solving using introductory and advanced programming tasks. Solutions will be produced using both procedural and object-oriented approaches
  • Research tasks and past paper theory questions based on the theory topics above
  • Computer project
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