Chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations and studying chemistry at A level will deepen your understanding of the world around you. Chemists constantly search for new knowledge and understanding and apply this to develop ways for chemicals to improve the way we live our lives.

Entry Requirements

6-6 in GCSE combined science, AND 6 in GCSE maths, OR6 in GCSE chemistry AND 6 in GCSE maths


Work will be assessed through examinations


An A level in chemistry can lead to a wide range of opportunities in areas such as dentistry, medicine, food science, pharmacy, veterinary work, bio-chemistry, environmental health, chemical engineering and chemistry. Each year, our chemistry students go on to gain places at the most prestigious universities including Bristol, Bath, Nottingham, Warwick, Oxford and Cambridge.

Students should have enjoyed their GCSE chemistry and have a desire to understand how and why chemical reactions occur. They will need to be competent at mathematics as there are more calculations at this level. An inquisitive mind and a willingness to ask and answer questions are essential.

Practical skills will be developed during the course. Students should be keen to use experimental results to reach a deeper understanding of the subject. The new chemistry specifications build on the ‘How Science Works’ skills learnt in the GCSE.

Students will investigate a wide range of areas including organic chemistry, atomic structure, thermodynamics, bonding, functional group chemistry and kinetics and will also undertake practical work. The course also allows students to consider the application of chemistry in relation to other disciplines and different career paths.