Mathematics (Further)

Able students with a love of mathematics find that the rigour and breadth of further mathematics fuel their enthusiasm for a deeper understanding of the subject.

Entry Requirements

7 in GCSE mathematics


Work will be assessed through terminal examinations at the end of year 13

Algebraic skills are enhanced by the use of complex numbers. Three-dimensional geometry is studied using vectors, matrices and determinants. Mathematical models of kinematics and statics problems are set up in order to solve problems.

Two St Anne's Alumni come in to talk to current Secondary School and 6th Form students about where their Maths paths have taken them. To find out more visit


Qualification in further mathematics will be beneficial for those seeking a university place. Past students have gone on to study mathematics, physics, medicine, electronic engineering, biochemistry and astronomy. Students who wish to study mathematics or related subjects post A level are often offered lower grade offers if they study further mathematics.

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