Studying physics at A level gives you the chance to get to explore the fundamental nature of our universe, from energy and forces through to quantum physics, astronomy and radioactivity.

Entry Requirements

6-6 in GCSE combined science AND 6 in GCSE maths OR 6 in GCSE physics AND 6 in GCSE maths


The course will be assessed through 3 exam papers at the end of year 13


Physics leads on to a wide range of courses in subjects that include sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering and veterinary science.

Employment opportunities include engineering, radiography, biotechnology and accountancy. NB: Mathematics at A level is required to study Physics at university.

 Students will enhance their ability to communicate effectively, to research and think critically about problems. The ability to use mathematics in problem solving and in data analysis is essential at this level. Students will explore a wide range of topics, which are of great importance in today’s world, from radioactivity to electricity. Theoretical studies will be complemented by practical assignments and research.

Students will build on the knowledge, understanding and process skills developed in the GCSE sciences.

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