Media Studies

A level media studies at St Anne’s gives you the opportunity to explore the representation of class, race, disability and gender - to name but a few - through different institutions.

Entry Requirements

B in GCSE media studies

If media studies has not been taken: 5 in English language


The AQA A level Media Studies course is assessed by a 2-hour exam and coursework at AS and the same at A2


Media studies graduates typically enter careers in the media, cultural and creative industries. Areas of work include television and radio, film and video, digital media,computer games, journalism, writing and publishing, PR and media practice.

 You will look at the role of the audience in the media and how new media has had an impact on audience participation.

A level media studies gives you the opportunity to discuss and debate a wide range of topic areas, exploring the role of the media in contemporary society. You will explore representations of a vast array of demographics through both written and practical work.